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When I first got registered on the UNOS transplant list, I was told the wait for a cadaveric donor would be at least 2 years. (that was over 2 1/2 years ago) As of this date, I've now been informed that it could be a minimum of 6 years waiting for a cadaveric donor!

I'm in need of a kidney transplant from someone who has Type O or A blood. I'm not a really big guy, but if you can help, you'll need to be about average height and weight. 

Please Email me   (TetzMan at Yahoo dot com)  if you can help.

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   National Foundation for Transplants


For information on SEOPF's Living Organ Donor Network (LODN) - Click Here

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Joe Polanis received his life saving liver transplant!

Johnnie Worthen received his life saving liver donation!

Kailee Wells received her Bone Marrow Transplant on 1/25/2005!

Matt Lacke received his life saving liver donation!


Michael Corder passed away on October 24, 2004 at the age of 31.

Sonny Velez received his life saving liver donation!

Todd Krampitz received his liver transplant, yet passed away April 20, 2005

after many additional months of life thanks to his precious donor.